X-Lizard PM

X-Lizard PM 1.5

Compact, easy-to-use password manager


  • Handy tabbed interface
  • Password database well protected
  • Includes a password generator


  • You can't create new categories
  • No integration with web browser

Not bad

If you usually have trouble when trying to remember passwords or even coming up with new ones, you need a tool like X-Lizard PM.

With X-Lizard PM you can manage all your existing usernames and passwords, and also create new ones from scratch whenever you need them. The program includes a password generator which can lend you a hand in case you run out of ideas. The password database in X-Lizard PM is safely protected by a master password and 256-bit AES encryption.

X-Lizard PM features a tabbed interface where passwords are conveniently organized in different categories such as web, programs, e-mail and so on. From there you only have to copy and paste the data whenever you need to give your user credentials.

While the tab system is quite handy, it's a pity X-Lizard PM doesn't let you create new categories. Also, I missed some sort of of browser integration to make password entering even easier.

X-Lizard PM is a simple yet efficient password manager that includes a password generator and takes care of all your confidential data.

X-Lizard PM


X-Lizard PM 1.5

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